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About us


Long ago there were 5 persons sitting in a pub in Basel / Switzerland.... They had been working the whole day at "Baselworld". The biggest european fair for watches, jewelry and related stuff. They were friends. They had been working for the same company a few years ago, but now they are working for different companies. But they stayed friends... And whenever they meet at a fair they try to meet and talk a little. That special evening they talked about their work, their mobile phones, their hotelrooms, and a few other things (not suitable for public...).

When they talked about their hotelrooms, they found out that there are very big differences between the hotels. Some have broadband internet access, some have not. Some are open 24h a day, some are not. ... and so on... Finally they took a piece of paper and made a small list of "hotels that we can recommend for business-travellers". Someone said: "When i am in Frankfurt/Germany, i always go to the ...-hotel, because they have an office-room for the travellers. This room is equipped with a few printers, and wired and wireless internetaccess. The whole hotel has WLAN". The hotel was put on the list. The next said: "When i am in Paris/France, i always stay at the ...-hotel, they are open 24h so when i arrive very late at night they are open". And so on, and so on. At the end of the night there were 27 hotels on that list. A small beginning...

Next day this small list was copied and handed out to all 5 friends. And over the next weeks and months the list grew. More cities, more countries, more hotels. But always only one hotel for one town (today the maximum is 5 for very big cities)! Because the list grew and grew we couldnĀ“t handle it on paper any more. And one of the 5 friends put the list on his private homepage. And the 5 friends told it to their friends. And these friends told it their friends...

Ok, the opportunities for the 5 friends are clear to see: good hotels for good prices. But what are the opportunities for the hotels? - More guests... More revenue... Just a simple calculation: In the beginning there were only these 5 friends. Everyone of them travelling across Europe the whole year. Normally the have certain routes, so it is sure they visit every customer twice a year. (Maybe three or four times, depending on company and customer). The easy calculation was: "5 x 2 x rate". For example: 5 x 2 x 65euro = 650euro. Every hotel on the list earned 650euro more as if not being on our list.

And that was a calculation for only 5 (!) travellers. Recalculate this for your hotel (-rate) and more than 1000 travellers... Convinced?