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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes your hotelguide so special?

A: Hard question, we try to keep it short: we don´t want a big guide with lots of hotels for a single town. We know that there are cities with a few hundred hotels or more, but our maximum is 5 for a very big city. That assures that all our customers (colleagues, brothers in mind) stay at the same hotel. A hotel that fulfils our needs. Not more, not less. A hotel that has proven to be the right place for a business-traveller.


Q: What are the requirements to be listed in your hotelguide?

A: Not very much... We are businesstravellers. We don´t need much to be happy. Your hotel has to be open 24h a day (or even accessible 24h a day). We need the possibility to "late arrival" and "early depart". We need (sometimes) breakfast to go. What is really important (!) is direct and fast access to the internet (wireless lan or wired in each hotelroom). You must (!) have a homepage of your hotel. There are some things that we have seen on our journeys that we like very much (if you have them, it is very nice and we are keen on staying one or more nights in your hotel, but there is no must!). One of these things are e.g. a separate office for your customers with a printer for all to use. Or in case of an accident: a notebook-rental. But these things are not a must! If you have them, please tell us.


Q. I want my hotel to be listed in your hotelguide. What do I have to do?

A: Contact us! Best would be via E-Mail: hotel(at) We will send you a small form you have to fill out. And then we decide if we want your hotel to be listed in our guide. If yes: we send you your invoice, and when it is paid, your hotel is listed...


Q: Do I have to sign a multiple-year-contract?

A: No! We don´t have multiple-year-contracts. Everything is for 1 year. When this year is over, we have to convince you again to have your hotel listed.


Q: Do you want a percentage of the revenue you generate for our hotel?

A: NO! The only thing is the annual fee. Not more, not less.


Q: Do you want special rates for the guests you bring to our hotel?

A: NO! It is your hotel. You make the prices!


Q: How much will is cost to be listed in your hotelguide?

A: Not much. The annual fee is 139 Euro.