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We are moving to new servers (and are redesigning our homepage). This will last a few days and we will be able to provide you:

more hotels, more countries, more...

...when all work is finished... in a few days.


Our Hotelguide is for all people who are not working in an office. For those guys who travel across Europe the whole week, the whole month, the whole year... For all those guys who are salesmen, technicians. Travelling workers that drive a lot, fly a lot, and are very few times at home. We do not need a piece of chocolate on the cushion. We need fast internet-access, 24h open, late arrival, early depart, breakfast to go...

Our Hotelguide is not for family- or holiday-use. It is for business-travellers!

What makes our Hotelguide so special? Please go to the "About Us" and "FAQ"-section (klick in left menu). Everything is explained there...


Not all countries in Europe are equal. Sometimes you have respect some special rules in a country. Did you ever travel from Germany to Switzerland? Well Switzerland is not EU; maybe you get problems with the tax... We tell you how to avoid problems.